Badges of Steel (2017, Tabletop)


Rules-lite tabletop RPG for three players. Embark on a caper that captures the action and outlandishness of classic buddy cop films like Hot Fuzz, Tango & Cash and Lethal Weapon.

The germ for Badges of Steel came from a desire for a rules system that complimented the trends in my roleplayeing sessions. Many of these are improv-heavy, light on rules and a bit silly. Buddy cops offer a unique player dynamic that tends to pop up in these sessions. The guts/finesse system forces players to have different strengths and weakness than each other, and encourages different character personalities. The bullet point and dice mechanics make sure that nothing ever goes according to plan. Having players automatically find clues keeps the momentum going. Showing off is an attempt to create a competitive streak between players like in the movies, since players normally try to cooperate to solves challenges. It's something that can be improved in future versions, and I'd like to replicate the feeling of players starting as enemies but growing to work together as the perfect team.


RPGs require a huge pool of playtesters, so I'm calling this a work in progress. After you play, drop me a line and let me know what you think. Download the PDF here.