Games I've Worked On

Badges of Steel  - buddy cop RPG (2017, Tabletop)​

Game designer

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Rules-lite tabletop RPG for three players. Embark on a caper that captures the action and outlandishness of classic buddy cop films like Hot Fuzz, Tango & Cash and Lethal Weapon. Download


Kumite - Fighting Game Design Document (2021)


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Martial arts sparring game design outline. Unique combat system that sits somewhere between Nidhogg and Virtua Fighter.



Cyberjustice - Visual Novel, RPG (WIP, Demo Availble, GameMaker)

Writer, level designer
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Cyberpunk visual novel with turn-based combat. Download

CYBERJUSTICE 2020-01-20 13-49-00-75.png

Toxic Complex - Doom II map (2018, GZDoom Builder)

Level designer

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Singleplayer Doom II map. Focus on vertical, interlocking layouts combined with classic Doom design. Download


Deport - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map (2019, Hammer)

Level designer

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New Defuse map for CSGO. Teams fight over an overpass that allows for easy rotation and attacking of bomb sites. Download


DM-Ian, DM-PModern - Unreal Tournament maps (2020, UE4)

Level designer

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Original deathmatch map sketches for Unreal Tournament 4. Download DM-Ian, DM-PModern


Shambler Box - Quake puzzle map (2019, Trenchbroom)

Level designer

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Tiny puzzle map for Quake. Core combat elements are retooled into puzzle challenges. Download


Destruction of Words - Watch Dogs MDD (2020)

Level designer

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Watch Dogs mission document for Ubisoft Toronto's 2020 NEXT Level Design competition. Download

floor 1.png

Vagrant - ASCII art game (2016, Python + libtcod)

Game designer, level designer, programmer

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ASCII art game. Drift as a stranger in an unknown land. Download